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Music to listen to while you read

I’ve read manga and watched anime for over 15 years. It has been a great hobby to explore on a budget. Recently, I’ve begun to explore graphic novels. Here are some recommendations from my journey so far reading graphic novels (<2 years). Comics, graphic novels, games, manga, and other forms of entertainment are great ways to expand your perspective and increase your empathy. Personally, they’re great for me to avoid burnout and take a break after work. Here are some of my personal favorites so far. …

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I’d recommend reading Fight Like a Physicist by Jason Thalken to any Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner or anyone interested in self-defense. It’s a relatively short book that takes a first principles approach to fighting. Thalken explains key physics concepts that are highly relevant to ground fighting and striking and explores how to exploit these principles to maximize impact.

Here are some of the key concepts that he covers:

  • Center of mass and takedowns
  • Kinetic energy and momentum — two types of punches
  • Torque and leverage
  • Knockouts and CTE — how it works and why it happens
  • Helmets and other protective equipment…

an educational Shiny App on PrEP

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Quick post: Thought of this idea a few weeks back. Had some time after work yesterday and today. PrEP is a medicine people at risk of HIV take to prevent getting HIV from sex or injection drug use. The main aim of the app is to educate folks on PrEP for HIV prevention.

In the process of building the Shiny app yesterday evening, I found out about the Greater than AIDS public information response from KFF. They already have a very educational website on many different topics from PrEP to testing. Nevertheless, I thought it would be a valuable exercise…

simple reading list webpage built using List.js

screenshot of interface from webpage

I’ve been reading recreationally pretty often after work recently. Currently, I maintain a few Google Sheets to track books I have read, am reading, or will read in the future. Thought it would be cool to have a webpage (to embed on my website) with a simple interface that shows what I’m currently reading or have recently read.

Did some research and found out about List.js, a javascript library that adds search, sort, and filters to plain HTML lists and tables. Put something together across two evenings within a few hours. …

Quick post: Going to get vaccinated soon and need to start seriously working out. Thought it would be fun to have a simple app to quickly generate random workout plans from a list of exercises. Decided to build a Shiny App out of the idea.

Additionally, I recently read through Tim Ferris’s 4-Hour Workweek (my notes on the book are here). I’ve been using his suggestion setting a time limit to advantage of the magic of an imminent deadline. So, I gave myself up to two evenings after work. Going forward I’ll give myself a week to iterate more…

concepts and highlights

Tried reading this book a few years back, but it didn't resonate with me at the time. I picked it back up again this week to give it another shot and I’m glad I did. Consider buying eBook or audiobook after skimming this.


The new rich think differently from the old rich by maximizing relative income and taking mini-retirements along the way. It’s important to define what you want to get from the money. What is the end goal? Learn to be more efficient by setting time limits and adopting a low information diet (avoid the noise). Eliminate the unproductive…

interactive table of cheatsheet tags and links

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Quick post: I’ve had challenges finding the right R cheatsheet at the right time. Here is the official RStudio cheatsheets webpage, where you can subscribe to cheatsheet updates. Thought it would be useful to have a quick search table to lookup cheatsheets from the RStudio Github repo. The PDFs are helpful to get a refresher on a package or learn more about a package.

Used httr package with Github’s API (based on Stackoverflow post) to get a list of relevant files in the repo. Did some data wrangling to get language, PDF download and preview hyperlinks. Then manually added a…

notes and reflections

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Here are my notes from reading Crucial Conversations by Kerry Paterson and his co-authors.

What is a crucial conversation?

A crucial conversation is a discussion with two or more people where there are differing views, high stakes, and strong emotions.

What should you prioritize in a crucial conversation?

  • A feeling of safety during a conversation allows you to listen and take feedback. Fight or flight is triggered during many crucial conversations. Pull yourself out of the content of the argument and watch for fear during the conversation. Recode the stimulus.
  • Pay attention to your own behavior. Self monitoring is vital during a crucial conversation. Monitor your impact on safety during the conversation.
  • Maintain…

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Here is a list of books I would recommend for anyone who would like to get their finances in order and plan for their future. These are short books that I have read and found beneficial. Not necessarily comprehensive, but a selection that has been foundational for me. I would encourage trying out the audiobook versions of some of them, if you don’t have time to sit and read. Links to Wikipedia or Amazon.

Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

Get Money by Kristin Wong

Your Money or Your Life by Vicki Robin

Elements of Investing by Malkiel and Ellis

Firstly, I encourage any aspiring leader to buy and read Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink and Laif Babin. The audiobook is read by both authors. The book has incredible storytelling from both authors, coupled with many clear, battle-tested lessons.

The general format in each chapter is a story, a principle, and a business application. Essential concepts of the book include: extreme ownership, check your ego, cover and move, keep it simple, prioritize and execute, decentralized command, plan, lead up and down the chain of command, be decisive, and most importantly, discipline equals freedom. …


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