11 R packages I’ve enjoyed using in 2022

Sam Parmar
2 min readOct 16, 2022



The year’s almost up. Close enough. Here are eleven R packages I’ve enjoyed using this year, in no special order:

Automate repetitive tasks

  • {searcher}— provides a search interface directly inside of R for Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Startpage, Ecosia, rseek, Twitter, StackOverflow, RStudio Community, GitHub, and BitBucket
  • {usethis} — provides many useful functions to automate repetitive tasks that arise during project setup and development

Explore code

  • {unraval} — provides Shiny app to explore intermediate outputs of tidyverse code

Enhance Shiny apps

  • {shinytest2} — provides toolkit for unit testing Shiny applications and seamlessly integrates with the {testthat} framework (enhancement from {shinytest})
  • {shinyFiles} — extends functionality of Shiny by providing an API for client side access to the server file system

Develop pipelines

Build Shiny UI

  • {designer}— provides Shiny app to wireframe a Shiny app and generates code
  • {shinyuieditor}— similar to {designer}, provides visual tool for building UI of a Shiny application and generates code

Share your code

  • {carbonate}— uses carbon.js to create beautiful images of your source code
  • {asciicast}— takes an R script and turns it into an asciinema cast that simulates typing and records all terminal output as it happens



Sam Parmar