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What is important now (WIN)?

What is the function/purpose?

Music to listen to while you read

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  • Center of mass and takedowns
  • Kinetic energy and momentum — two types of punches
  • Torque and leverage
  • Knockouts and CTE — how it works and why it happens
  • Helmets and other protective equipment…

an educational Shiny App on PrEP

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screenshot of interface from webpage

concepts and highlights


interactive table of cheatsheet tags and links

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notes and reflections

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What is a crucial conversation?

What should you prioritize in a crucial conversation?

  • A feeling of safety during a conversation allows you to listen and take feedback. Fight or flight is triggered during many crucial conversations. Pull yourself out of the content of the argument and watch for fear during the conversation. Recode the stimulus.
  • Pay attention to your own behavior. Self monitoring is vital during a crucial conversation. Monitor your impact on safety during the conversation.
  • Maintain…


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