Contributing to {targetsketch};

Just realized I missed a blog post last month. 😲🤭 Here’s a short one on a project I’ve been working on for fun. {targetsketch} is a R/Shiny app companion to the targets R package. I found out about it in early September and decided to be a contributor in my free time. It’s also been a great excuse for me to learn how to use targets along the way. We’ve made a bunch of enhancements that have transformed the package into a great targets learning tool and a usable workflow tool to develop new targets pipelines.

If you’ve wanted to learn how to create Make-like pipelines using targets, I encourage you to skim the targets documentation, skim the targets user manual, and try out the {targetsketch}package. Here’s how you can install it:


Then you can run it on your machine using the following function:


We’ve also added an RStudio addin that you can select from the addins menu or the command palette:

RStudio addin for {targetsketch}
targetsketch addin accesible from RStudio’s command palette

Note that the app is still a work in progress, but we hope it’s useful. Please consider starring the Github repo or contributing by submitting any issue you might find. Latest updates are being tracked in in the repo. Credit goes to Will for creating the project and allowing other R programmers like myself to help out.



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