Notes from Fight Like a Physicist

Photo by Stillness InMotion on Unsplash
  • Kinetic energy and momentum — two types of punches
  • Torque and leverage
  • Knockouts and CTE — how it works and why it happens
  • Helmets and other protective equipment — why current protective equipment is outdated
  • Guns and knives — disarming and run-fu
  • Qi and pseudoscience — ton of pseudoscience BS
  • kinetic energy causes local tissue damage in immediate area of impact; heavy momentum strikes are heavy or pushing while high energy strikes are fast or snapping
  • your hand roughly weights 1 pound, your head roughly 10 pounds, MMA glove weighs about 4 ounces, boxing glove weights 10–16 ounces
  • CTE starts with sudden rotational acceleration and is caused by diffuse axonal injury eventually leading to a complete axon disconnect; if you want a KO then a left hook to the chin is better than a straight punch to the forehead
  • Boxing gloves and MMA gloves might reduce localized tissue damage but it doesn’t prevent and actually encourages more brain damage which is true silent killer. The protective equipment is just for show and appearance right now.
  • ask why to make sure you understand a technique; the more you understand why behind a rule, the better you will understand when it’s okay to break

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