Packages & tools I learned about at RStudio::Conf(2022)

Here’s a list of packages I learned about during the recent RStudio Conference (in-person or over Twitter). I’m making this list so it’s easier for me to explore the documentation or source code further. Looking forward to next year’s conference in Florida.

Okay, so after compiling my notes to write most of this article, I found Sharon Machlis’s {shiny} app to monitor conference tweets ( That got me thinking that I could use {rtweet} and do some wrangling to get package mentions (with the {} format and conf hashtags such as #rstudioconf2022 or #rstudioconf). Here’s the code I quickly wrote and the packages I found mentioned (52 in total). It captures some packages I missed.

packageMentions <- c('{tidymodels}', '{bslib}', '{vetiver}', '{shinyslack}', '{lubridate}', '{ggtrace}', '{ggdist}', '{shinytest2}', '{Tplyr}', '{rtweet}', '{shinyuieditor}', '{leafdown}', '{rmarkdown}', '{patchwork}', '{tidyclust}', '{annotater}', '{gridlayout}', '{spatialsample}', '{geoarrow}', '{sfdep}', '{spdep}', '{nara}', '{eventloop}', '{audio}', '{dm}', '{renv}', '{golem}', '{rhino}', '{dbcooper}', '{ggnewscale}', '{ggplot2}', '{positron}', '{gt}', '{clock}', '{tidyowl}', '{shiny}', '{designer}', '{future}', '{WebR}', '{knitr}', '{httr2}', '{elevators}', '{scales}', '{ggirl}', '{funspotr}', '{workboots}', '{tsbox}', '{constructive}', '{usethis}', '{tidytext}', '{galah}', '{bs4Dash}')



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