an educational Shiny App on PrEP

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Quick post: Thought of this idea a few weeks back. Had some time after work yesterday and today. PrEP is a medicine people at risk of HIV take to prevent getting HIV from sex or injection drug use. The main aim of the app is to educate folks on PrEP for HIV prevention.

In the process of building the Shiny app yesterday evening, I found out about the public information response from . They already have a very educational website on many different topics from PrEP to testing. Nevertheless, I thought it would be a valuable exercise to build a relatively simple Shiny app around their resources, in hopes that their content gets more views. Embedded videos from their YouTube channel in combination with the widget from CDC’s . Used , , and R packages.

Consider this the second of my App in a Week blog series. Hope to encourage readers to go out and build an app. It’s easier than ever with R Shiny and a few other packages.

  • Github repo with source code (app.R) is .
  • Deployed app on
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