Prepared for the rstudio::conf(2022)

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

It’s official! I’m attending the upcoming RStudio conference. Not presenting. Just listening and learning. Real quick — here’s how I got ready.

  1. RStudio is using as the conference scheduler this year. Fortunately, we can easily pull out our personal schedules from the tool. Temporarily made my schedule public, then did web scraping using {rvest} to get the relevant HTML nodes.
  2. Copied my selected list of events over to my clipboard using {clipr}.
  3. Created some quarto files for note-taking with my agenda filled in. Ready for notes.
  4. Generated a QR code for my LinkedIn page using {qrcode}. Just in case for networking.

That’s all folks! GH repo linked below with scripts.



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