Switched over to Alfred from Spotlight

Last week I switched over to Alfred. I’ve used the native Spotlight on my Mac for years and I thought that it was good enough to get the job done. Basically, I didn’t feel the need to switch over before but then decided to experiment with some new project workflows. I originally heard about Alfred from a video that Hadley Wickham did years ago where he recommended it.

My conclusion is that I should’ve switched over sooner. The workflows feature alone makes it worth it — having the ability to quickly search browser bookmarks, open tabs, and notes is amazing. There are even posts from a bunch of other R programmers on Alfred that I found recently (a, b, and c).

It makes it easier to manage work and open exactly what I need on the fly. Here are features, enhancements, and resources I’ve used so far:

My third party workflows so far:

Here’s some extras I found along the way:



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