The Kindle Paperwhite — My Favorite Purchase of 2020🏅

👋Since it’s Cyber Monday, I figured I would reflect on my best purchase so far this year. Personally, I have three criteria for a good purchase: use, function, and comfort. The Paperwhite with the waterproof case checks all the boxes for me and does so much more. I love the device (this article is not sponsored by Amazon).

🗒️Here is a list of the features that I’ve taken advantage of:

🗣️Feel free to comment any awesome features that I’ve missed. What’s your favorite device purchase this year?

⌛Hope this is educational and encourages folks to try this little device out. I think it’s great for anyone looking to build a daily reading habit. Get out there and start reading more. 📖

Data Analyst & Computer Science Student. Opinions are my own. 🤓😎

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