The Kindle Paperwhite — My Favorite Purchase of 2020🏅

Sam Parmar
2 min readNov 30, 2020


👋Since it’s Cyber Monday, I figured I would reflect on my best purchase so far this year. Personally, I have three criteria for a good purchase: use, function, and comfort. The Paperwhite with the waterproof case checks all the boxes for me and does so much more. I love the device (this article is not sponsored by Amazon).

🗒️Here is a list of the features that I’ve taken advantage of:

  • 💡E-ink display for less eye fatigue compared to reading from a phone or laptop.
  • ✏️Custom font style, font size, and line spacing according to my preference.
  • 🔦Backlight to read during low light times.
  • 🔎Search to find a location in a book based on a keyword.
  • 👀Word definition by selecting the word. No need to pull out the dictionary or phone anymore.
  • ✍️Kindle highlights and notes while reading. Combined with Amazon cloud sync is great for reflection after reading.
  • ⏯️ Page sync to continue where I left off across devices. Page is synced on the cloud.
  • 🦹Kindle X-Ray to learn more and see what other people think about the book/page.
  • 📚Library ebook services to read Kindle books for free. Great during this COVID-19 pandemic.
  • 💰Affordable prices for Kindle books across the Amazon Store. Generally, Kindle books are cheaper than physical books.
  • ✌️Similar features on the Kindle App. Here is a tour from Amazon on some of those features.

🗣️Feel free to comment any awesome features that I’ve missed. What’s your favorite device purchase this year?

⌛Hope this is educational and encourages folks to try this little device out. I think it’s great for anyone looking to build a daily reading habit. Get out there and start reading more. 📖